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Looking For Authentic Korean Groceries Then Seela Mart Is For You!

Seela Infratech


Published on 
dated: 8 Sept 2021

Are you someone who’s fond of Korean dishes and wishes to replicate these amazing recipes at home? Then you might want to read what we’re about to tell you, ‘cause we’re here with info about this grocery store that has some AWESOMESAUCE Korean essentials!

For Everything Korean | Seela Mart is defo going to be something that you’d wanna check out if you are someone who daydreams about Korean food. We know how difficult it is to get our hands on these lip-smacking ingredients in the city at stores, so the fact that there’s a shop that deals in such stuff that makes us jump with joy. 

Apart from popular packaged food, they also serve fresh produce such as bean sprouts (Congnamul), garae tteok and tteokbuki tteok, to name a select few. And if you feel too lazy to make kimchi at home, you can even buy some pre-made ones here - sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!

We’re definitely going to check it out on our next grocery shopping trip, how ‘bout you?!

Where | Seela Mart - Gurgaon, Greater Noida & Vasant Vihar